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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series in Toronto, ON

Is your smartphone acting up? Leaves you in the middle of the task! Or not cooperate with you! There may be a software glitch or a hardware failure. Xwireless is here to help.
We have come up with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series repair in Toronto, ON, which can cover all your issues and set your smartphone free from all the problems.
Our top priority is to provide customer satisfaction while offering you a flat repair cost. We have been in the field for years, which makes us give you a possible quick turnaround. We won’t let you wait for long and return your smartphone without a single-minute delay.
Not only the repair, but we also provide you the service of “We buy” for you, in which you can sell your beloved gadgets to us at very reasonable prices. Our expert staff will not disappoint you on their prices. Get bucks for your smartphone and enjoy a convenient experience with us!


Model Description

Here are the list of Samsung Galaxy S22 series models that we fix at our store:

samsung s22.jpg

Samsung S22 5G

It is a compact set with all the features in it. Samsung Galaxy S22 supports 5G, which gives a fair speed to the smartphone to run the internet. Moreover, its strong processor can steer a heavily loaded application without any hassle. The 50 MP camera is always ready to give a high-resolution result anytime. The robust battery of 3700mAh can efficiently run the 6.1-inch display for an extended time.

Samsung S22 Plus.jpg

Samsung S22 Plus

Is there any reason to worry? When you are using the Samsung Galaxy S22. It comes with many unique features. Its 6.6-inch display gives a wide screen to enjoy. Moreover, the 50 MP camera can capture beautiful pictures without any problem. Along with that, the 4500mAh battery has the power to keep the smartphone alive for the long run.

Samsung S22 ultra.jpg

Samsung S22 Ultra

Why desire more when you already have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? It will not let you concentrate on other devices: It supports 5G and a strong process, which can give excellent results when doing any task swiftly. The giant battery of 5000mAh can provide a very long life. The display of 6.8 inches lets the user enjoy the screen to watch movies and play games.The 108 MP camera takes the photography to the next station, giving high-resolution results.

Xwireless | Your Ultimate Choice

We are the ultimate choice to search for Samsung Galaxy S22 series repair near me in Toronto. We care about our customers' expectations and aim to meet them excellently. Our professional technicians, equipped with modern tools, have reduced the number of errors in the repair to zero. We strive to serve you, and we mean our words.

Our Services

Battery Replacement

A faulty battery gives the smartphone a short life. It needs to be always connected to the charger, which poses a threat to the other components. Don’t be late! The problem should be addressed immediately. Bring your cell phone to our store, and let our Samsung S22 battery repair service fix your problem.

Screen Repair

Have you slipped your Samsung Phone on the ground, which ends up with a broken screen? Or if it's not working correctly. Moreover, it also affects the touching sensors of the screen. Don’t worry! We have a solution for that. Our Galaxy S22 Plus screen repair service is here for you, and is always ready to sort out any issue related to the display.

Camera Repair

A smartphone is considered incomplete without a healthy camera. You are unable to click good photos with it. Moreover, it doesn’t cooperate with you whenever you want to use it. Let our Samsung S22 Ultra camera repair service be there to restore your lens which can take good pictures for you anytime.

Charge Port Issue

Don’t be late to fix your charge port. It is a sensitive part of the smartphone, which can create some threat to the other parts too. The issue can quickly be sorted out through our Samsung Galaxy S22 charge port repair service. You will not face any problems once our technicians fix it for you.

Water Damage Repair

Any liquid inside a smartphone is like a poison. It creates many problems inside the gadget, sometimes leading the device to the dead one. Therefore, come to our store; we have the best Samsung S22 Plus water damage repair service, which knows what to do with your smartphone when the liquid harms it.

Carrier Unlock Problem

If you are experiencing any problem with your current network. Now, you want to change the network but your smartphone does not allow you to use another network. Feel free to visit us. Our Galaxy S22 Ultra carrier unlock service will set your device free to use any network with it.

Not Turning on Issue

Does your smartphone suddenly turn OFF? Now, it is unable to turn ON. Don’t give it away; the problem might be the software glitches. Let our Samsung S22 not turning on repair service, diagnose your smartphone, identify the problem, and then fix it for you without any hassle.

Why Choose Us

Xwireless stands as the best Samsung Galaxy S22 series repair store in Toronto. We employ professional technicians with years of experience in the smart devices repairing industry. That’s why they can fix any problem efficiently, without letting you roam around in the town.

60 days warranty

We offer a 60-day hassle-free warranty on all repairs. We use quality parts that ensure the swift functioning of the device for an extended period.

Same day services

Our mandate is not to keep you waiting for a long time. Our professionals are here to provide the repair service in the fast turnaround.

Money back guarantee

We are a reliable repair store and keep our word true. We ensure the convenient repair for all your problems. If we fail to do so, then we offer you a money-back guarantee.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I repair my smartphone’s screen?
    The screen is the most vulnerable part of the smartphone to any external shock. A minor problem with the screen can lead to great distraction, which can hinder your daily tasks. Whenever you feel a little issue with the screen while using your gadget, fetch it to our store immediately so that we can repair it without further delay.
  • Do you repair all devices or just Android smartphones?
    Yes, we repair devices, including Apple products, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Whatever the problem is with your gadget, feel free to come to us; our professional technician will handle the problem without any hassle.
  • Is it better to replace the cellphone or repair it?
    The calculation is simple: if the repair cost exceeds half the replacement cost, then it is better to opt for the new one rather than repairing the old one. The brand new smartphone works far better than the old and used one.